Warriparinga Wetlands

This green, quiet, mostly unknown space is my first recommendation for your dog photoshoot location.

Great for those dogs that can be reactive or easily over-stimulated
We hardly ever see other dogs (or even people) there so it’s a great option for those dogs that may be re-active or over-stimulated by other dogs. The creek acts as a bit of a barrier to make it semi-secure for off-leash action shots. For those of you whose dogs need to stay on lead.. that’s cool too, we’ll just use a long one and remove it in Photoshop.

The location changes with the seasons, but you’ll always find a small vineyard, an old stone wall to add some texture to your background, an open, yet semi-secure space and the sun setting behind the gumtree installation.

This is what else you’ll find depending on the time of year:

  • Winter and early Spring

    The shallow creek is flowing allowing for playful photos in the water.

  • Late Spring/ Early Summer

    The purple jacaranda’s are out.. along with many other colourful flowers

  • Late summer/ Autumn

    Shade from the summer heat, big red pomegranates hanging on the tree, the vine leaves changing colour and a dry creek bed for added texture!

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