Our Recommended Newborn baby and Wedding Photographers (who love dogs)

I strongly believe that as a photographer, you can only capture the true essence of your subject if you know it well. What I know well are animals, and the relationship between pets and their people, which is why I specialise in dog photography here in Adelaide.

Although the sound of a newborn cry makes my heart melt and I’m the most proud aunty you’ll ever meet, my hands are always cold, making babies cry when I touch them. And so I leave newborn photography to the experts in Adelaide who know how to calm a newborn and can recognise the difference between a happy baby noise and a “I’m about to poop” face. ( Something I can only recognise in dogs!)

If you’re in the Hills, or happy to travel out of town, I highly recommend Kylie at Kylie South Photography. She is a baby whisperer and as a mum of two, can relate to your mum-life! If you’re a client of mine and love my natural approach, you’ll love working with Kylie.. she taught me a lot of what I know! She’s also one of the best wedding photographers in South Australia, so if your planning a wedding, I can not recommend her highly enough.

If you’re wanting to include your dog in your baby photoshoot though and you love that really clean yet warm feel in natural newborn photos, my recommendation is Kate Ellis. She’s a mum to little people as well as a golden retriever and so she knows how to work with your dog while prioritising the safely of your baby during the photoshoot.

Buddy with his family including new baby Lachie

Buddy with his family including new baby Lachie

For those of you recently engaged and planning a wedding that MUST include your dogs.. Emily at I Do Paws (who care for your pets on your wedding day) has told me that the dogs always love both Love Fool Photography and Tamika Lee Photography who are super patient.

Oh and if you’re looking for pet friendly venues for your wedding, check out this list by I Do Paws.

Now of course, if your baby is sitting up on their own.. or is actually a child/teenager now, then I would absolutely love to capture the beautiful relationship of your family including your dog! You can even get involved in our current fundraiser project for RSPCA South Australia, our Kids and their Dogs book.