Photographing Mika, Scarlett and Peach.. three of the most loved cats in Adelaide

Sophie had one special request for her photoshoot.. that I captured the super special bond between Kate (who absolutely hates the camera) and her soulmate Mika, their cat.. and perhaps could we try to get a photograph of the five of them together! She didn’t know if either would be possible, especially given they were bringing their cats the the studio, and unfamiliar environment!

We allowed the girls to wander around the studio for ten minutes or so until they relaxed a bit.. and then we watched to see what helped calm them (and Kate too!), and photographed all the unfolding and their personalities shining through (especially grumpy Peach!)

This is the result..

Not only do Sophie and Kate now have those special printed photographs of Kate and Mika.. but they’ll also have Sophie and Scarlett, Kate and Peach, and a gorgeous 20”x30” framed photograph of their family of, to hang above their bed.

Interested in a photoshoot with your cat? Let us know here.