Harry with his little Bitsa, Mavis

Kirstie photographed Harry with his dog Mavis and their parents recently for their feature in our upcoming coffee-table book which showcases the relationship between Adelaide kids and their dogs- in support of RSPCA South Australia.

You can watch their full slideshow below.

This is how their family describe the relationship between Harry and Mavis:

“When our son Harry turned one we introduced him to his new best friend Mavis. After losing our precious old dog we wanted a ‘best friend’ for Harry to grow up with.  Then we found ‘Mavis’!

Mavis was the result of an unexpected pregnancy from a farm north of Adelaide. She was the scruffiest, loudest, most challenging pup we had ever experienced however it was love at first sight for Harry and they have been inseparable ever since…Harry is now five and Mavis is four.”

To have your family involved in this special project, head to http://bitsabernard.com.au/kids!