Dogs on Adelaide beaches 2019-20 summer

Daylight savings kicked in last weekend and how awesome has this week been with extra daylight hours!

It can be hard to keep up with all the dog rules for Adelaide beaches given they change throughout the year and from beach to beach!

If you’re keen to let your dog off-lead, head down South to O'Sullivan Beach or one of the other Onkaparinga City beaches, otherwise, keep your dog on leash in the beaches closer to Adelaide unless it’s after 8pm in Daylight Savings.

Here’s the details:

City of Charles Sturt & City of Holdfast Bay

This applied to all City of Charles Sturt beaches, from Semaphore Park to West Beach, and all City of Holdfast Bay, beaches, from Glenelg North to Kingston Park, during Daylight Savings period

ON LEASH Between 10am and 8pm
OFF LEASH Between 8pm and 10am

Read more here: City of Charles Sturt dog on-leash areas and City of Holdfast Bay dogs

City of Onkaparinga

The rules for City of Onkaparinga beaches vary for different locations

OFF LEASH: Year Round
O'Sullivan Beach
Port Noarlunga South
Moana (partly)
Between Aldinga Beach and Port Willunga

ON LEASH: Daylight Savings between 10am and 8pm
Christies Beach
Port Noarlunga Beach (excluding area near Jetty)
Moana (Partly)
Maslin Beach
Port Willunga
Aldinga Beach

DOGS PROHIBITED: Daylight Savings between 10am and 8pm
Portion of Port Noarlunga Beach near Jetty

Read more here: City of Onkaparinga Dog regulations

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