Delilah : Watch Me Grow

This big, elegant fluffiness was a teeny-tiny 12 weeks old when I met her for her first Watch Me Grow photoshoot in the Adelaide Parklands. A few weeks later, when she’d doubled in size, we spent an afternoon exploring the Barossa Valley in search of Spring Blossoms for her second shoot. The next autumn she was fully grown and a year old and so we headed up to Stirling for a shoot among the autumn leaves to celebrate all of the joy she has brought to the lives of her humans!

Delilah’s family decided the perfect keepsake was a collection of little albums, one from each shoot, to match the three portraits that hang on their walls.

You can check her Delilah’s gallery slideshow below.

It is always such an honour to be trusted again to capture precious memories for Adelaide dog lovers like you.

If you’re keen for another (or your first) photoshoot with your dog in Adelaide, let’s chat!

Delilah - 12 months - 2017

Delilah - 12 months - 2017

Delilah’s Slideshow