Did you know that my first “pet photoshoot” was in a natural light studio in 2012, photographing my bosses cats? Two cheeky Persians! My boss was a wedding, family and newborn photographer, but he noticed I was always photographing Flee bee or his cats and so he encouraged me to build a portfolio of pet photography.. and here we are today!

Without access to a studio over the last 6 years, I’ve focused mostly on photographing dogs in a natural outdoor environment. But for the last 6 months I have worked in my new, gorgeous daylight studio, and it calls me everyday to photograph cats again!

The problem? My cat portfolio is thin.. and the photos are mostly old! And that’s where you come in.



To photograph in our new daylight studio and feature in our portfolio!

P.S. That photograph is my little sister and our family cat Ollie, back in 2012 in my bosses daylight studio

What’s in it for you?

The opportunity for stunning photographs of your cat by Adelaide’s only full-time, dedicated pet photographer
A $100 artwork credit
Special print packages
and a 15% Discount on wall art

What are we looking to create?

Beautiful photographs of your cat, and you and your cat together, in our daylight studio in Forestville
Please only apply if your cat will be okay travelling to us

Upfront cost: Should you be selected, we will require a $50 reservation fee to secure your place. This is only to lock in your time in our calendar and is totally refundable should you not wish to place an order after seeing the photographs.