Anstey Hill

For those of you in the North East.. Anstey Hill Recreation Park offers a variety of walking options from a flat 20 minute stroll to a couple of 3 hour hike with steep sections. Our favourite for photoshoots is the walk to Newman’s Nursery Ruins.

To reach the ruins, t’s a 1.5km up hill, which takes us around half an hour including the photo stops. During photoshoots we hang at the top for about 20 minutes to let the dogs sniff about and pose for some nice photos with the ruins, before heading the 1.5km back down to the carpark.

You’ll want to be reasonably fit to take on this walk as part of a photoshoot (red faces don’t photograph that well!), but if you don’t have a time limit then you can enjoy this walk no matter your fitness level.

Dog Walks at Anstey Hill in Adelaide's North East