Jack the Heeler

Jack spends his weekend down at his beautiful beach house and since his favourite thing to do is walk to the beach it made sense to photograph him doing just that after a bit of playing at home.

Alfie the Pomeranian X at Largs Bay

This incredibly special pet photography session features Alfie, a 2 year old Pomeranian X who had a fabulous play date with his family at Largs Bay. His human arrange the session to capture the beautiful relationship her niece shares with Alfie and what is more beautiful than a child's relationship with their pet.

I'm currently finalising a personal photographic project of pets with their tiny humans. If you have a child under 6 years old whose best friend is non-human.. give me a shout..! I'd love to capture that bond they share for my upcoming exhibition. 

Oliver the Cocker Spaniel at Adelaide Parklands

Meet Olly then Cocker Spaniel and his Human Kate who were photographed in the Adelaide Parklands to feature in his vets waiting room.  
Unfortunately Olly has since passed away.
Our thoughts are with Kate and hope that when she's ready, Olly's album will help her through the grieving process.

The beginning

This photograph of Flee and I was taken by my boss at Danae Studio back in 2012 while he was helping me improve my pet photography skills. Not long after I was building my portfolio and by November I had decided to road trip with my camera and so Bitsa Bernard (then Kirstie M) was formed.

Although I have created my own style over the years, I still implement the techniques that I learned that afternoon so this photograph will always be one of the most special images I have as it represents the beginning of my pet photography career.

Images in the above slideshow of Shane, Flee and I were taken by Bitsa Bernard Photographer, Dani.

Photography by Dave at Danae Photography

Photography by Dave at Danae Photography