Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve answered a bunch of questions here which I’m asked frequently.
If you have other questions or just prefer to chat these over- give me a buzz by clicking here




Within seven-ten days of your session you’re invited into my appointment lounge for a ‘sharing session’ where I will present to you the very best, 25 images which capture your story.


Depending on the products you have ordered and the time of year, turn around time can vary but I always ask you to allow at least 6-8 weeks.

Prints and Canvases: Minimum 4 weeks

After your payment has been received please allow me up to a week to do any final checks on your files before sending them to print. My fine art prints and canvases are both printed in Queensland by our countries best supplier and can take upwards of fifteen business days to be printed (and canvases stretched) and delivered to me in Adelaide. Framed Wall Art- Fine Art Prints Minimum 6 weeks All my large fine art prints are presented to you framed and ready to hang. The photographs are printed alongside my gift prints up in Queensland and then shipped down. Once back in my office they are checked thoroughly before taken to Adelaide’s best framer, a gorgeous lady named Colette, out in Norwood. Her mouldings are mostly imported from Italy and so if on back-order, can be a little slow. This is rare though as she keeps a wide range of stock, and can usually complete my jobs within two weeks. After a final check they will be ready for you to hang on your wall!

Albums : 6-8 weeks

My beautiful albums are designed in house which takes up to two weeks. You will then receive a digital proof and only after your approval will they be sent to my supplier in Melbourne to be printed and bound. All this amazingness can take a little bit of time to create, plus shipping can be slow so please don’t expect your beautiful keepsake to be in your hands for at least six weeks and possibly even up to eight weeks after approval. I promise it will be worth the wait.

Please note: Christmas time is always much slower, due to higher volume of orders for my suppliers plus couriers are also slower so please keep this in mind if you are wanting anything back by christmas.


All of my prints and products are shipped directly from my suppliers to my office for quality assurance. Once they’ve been thoroughly checked and met my high expectations they will be available for collection. For those of you too far to swing by the studio, your products will be shipped to you.


All of my prints and products are shipped directly from my suppliers to my office for quality assurance. Once they’ve been thoroughly checked and met my high expectations they will be available for collection. If they are for gifts please let me know so I ensure they are wrapped beautifully ready for presentation. For those of you too far to swing by the studio, your products can be shipped.


Upwards of fifteen hours is dedicated to per session to ensure the results exceed your expectations. This time is spent in communication with you to plan how we will capture your story, at the shoot itself- climbing tree’s and rolling in mud all for the perfect angle, at the computer selecting and then fine tuning a gorgeous collection which is then presented to you in-person. Prints and products, including digital negatives, are not included in the session fee. Web sized digital files are gifted to you of each image you order as a print so that you can share it on social media. The USB is available for purchase to print your own images, however I’d love to chat with you about what it is you want to do with them as better value for money is often in my prints and products, all of which are hand made using the finest materials.


We want to capture your story and choosing a location special to you makes it that much more personal so where will your session take place? Some where special to you!

The creek down the road, your local beach, a special forest you run through? Perhaps you brunch somewhere special or you enjoy a particular outing together.

Are we including the whole family? What do you do together? Is beach cricket your thing? Perhaps you hang about on the couch?

For Flee and I, we love to wander a market- any market (as long as there’s good food!) so a couple of sumemrs ago when I organised our own photo session, what better location could I have chosen than the St Kilda Night Market in Melbourne. My favourite images from our session are not pretty head shots but in fact us lining up for meatballs- enjoying the smells surrounding us.. and I'd love to create something this special for you.. so lets chat!

Still not sure? Here's a few of my favourite locations:

Warriparinga Wetlands (Sturt Rd, Bedford Park)

Adelaide Parklands

Belair National Park

• Largs Bay

Anstey Hill



This answer varies depending on the experience option you’ve chosen

Standard Session- EVERYONE! Okay, not everyone. But everyone from under your roof is encourage to get involved in the session because dog photography is in fact not all about the dog at all and more about the lovely bond we share with them. Of course this bond can still be captured without you in the frame, but it’s really lovely to pop on a favourite outfit and have a cuddle in front of the camera. It may seem scary but in the end, you choose which photos you like, so if they’re not it (which they will be ;) ), you can simply leave them out of your collection.

Watch Me Grow: The first two puppy sessions are to focus on your puppy and the features that are about to change so rapidly. In the final session held at twelve months, everyone from under your roof is encouraged to get involved, to capture the gorgeous bond which has formed over that first year together. We also offer a $50 upgrade otpion to include humans or additional pets in your first two sessions.



That beautiful soft golden look I achieve in my photography is owed to our amazing pre-sunset light here in Australia. To ensure I can create something as magical for you, sessions are held two hours before sunset but can vary slightly depending on location. Beach sessions, for example, are held slightly later and those held in valleys or forests will be a tad earlier. We will confirm a time during your booking process.


Standard Session: I don’t put any time limits on my standard sessions and so we ask you not to either- but they tend to last between 90 minutes and two hours

Watch Me Grow: The first two sessions will take approximately 45 minutes each but please allow up to 90 minutes for these sessions and avoid planning anything for the evening just in case we run over time (waiting for puppy naps etc)! I don’t put any time limits on your final session so we ask you not to either, but they tend to last between 90 minutes and two hours.


The one thing I love almost as much as my little girl (my Kelpie X) is to travel, so wherever you are, chances are I’m pretty keen to visit your area!

Locals : I will happily travel to locations within 30km of the Adelaide CBD for a Standard session and your final puppy Watch Me Grow session or within 10km of the Adelaide CBD for any gift certificates, reduced session fees and the first two puppy Watch Me Grow Sessions.

Those a touch further: I’m always keen to throw a tent in the car and head off for the weekend so If you’re a bit further out I’d happily discuss meeting half way, or, if you’re further again (Port Pirie, Flinders, Mt Gambier- these sorts of distances..) I’d love to chat about how we could make a trip your way worthwhile. This would probably mean locking in a minimum of three sessions in your region- so start talking to your friends!

Interstaters: 5-ish bookings and I’m heading your way! Originally from Gippsland I make 3-4 trips back to Victoria per year to catch up with family and friends. I always allow time to capture some lovely stories during those visits so if you’re waiting for my next trip, get in touch because there might just be one coming up. I also aim to see a new state each year and I have small wait lists in most areas of this gorgeous country so no matter where you are, let me know you’re interested so I can begin planning a trip your way!

International? I don’t know what gets me more excited than an international enquiry! No matter where you are in the world, we can certainly chat about getting me there! I already have a few destinations on the cards for next year and your’s might just be one of them! So don’t hold back- yell out and let’s make this happen!




Your reservation fee is due in full at the time of booking to secure your session time and can be paid by credit card through our booking page


Of course! I want to create for you the most beautiful, priceless collection to treasure for years to come and to make this possible payment plans are tailored to suit you and your budget. More details here.


A 10% deposit is due at your ordering appointment and the remainder can be spread over a payment plan tailored to suit your budget.


Your favourite outfit! Think of your go-to outfit when you’re heading somewhere nice.If you feel confident in it and you don’t mind getting it a little dirty, that’s what I’d suggest! What to avoid: Sleeveless shirts; singlets and tank tops aren’t always flattering in photographs Shorts; but if you must where them- avoid knee- length Low cut tops and dresses Big logos and bold patterns can both be distracting in photographs Matching outfits; of course it’s best if your outfits compliment each others but matching jeans and white shirts don’t tend to express true personality so find an outfit which represents you! Both black and white colours- especially together. opt for beige or pastel colours instead of white, and brown, navy or charcoal instead of black, but don’t be scared to throw some colour in the mix if you’d like- bold red or bright yellow can look gorgeous against the long grass- most importantly, go for colours which are YOU! Ladies should bring a spare pair of flats if you want to wear heels Sunnies, hats, beanies and scarves are all welcome Feel free to look through my Pinterest board for some ideas. What to Wear


Have you seen my photographs of Sam the miniature schnauzer? If you haven’t, you can see them here: His recall is, well, let’s say he has a mind of his own. And he likes to mark his territory on absolutely everything! Could you tell by the session? Of course not!

What about the three great danes I photographed last year? Do you remember them? If you didn’t meet them you can do so here: They actually are pretty well behaved but we were out in, well we were in the sticks, and in SA, that means there were kangaroos galore. We weren’t keen on allowing these guys to chase them and so this entire session was shot on-leash. Yep you heard me, every single one of these photos had a leash before. Could you tell?

How about Bentley the Golden Retriever? I photographed him, first at just eight weeks new and again at 16 weeks and his due for his twelve month shoot any time now! Keep in mind that most puppy sessions are only 30-40 minutes and my aim is to show fifteen images per session. From the two sessions I couldn’t narrow it down to less than fifty images- FIFTY. Here’s a favourite of mine from that collection: Bentley Can you believe we asked him to do that.. too look over the fence like that- at just 16 weeks! I’m not saying it was easy.. ohhhh no. But we had treats. And if you have treats around a puppy- you are set!

I think you get the point, but I just want to share one more story. Shelby. Did you meet her? Her session might have been before you followed Bitsa Bernard. I photographed her way back in 2012. My first ever dedication session but I must say, she made it easy on me. She was going a little blind and her hearing wasn’t great either but we worked around that and check out the result, one of my favourite ever sessions even to this day (Not that I have favourites!).

Are you still worried about your dog’s behaviour? I have worked with such a variety of dogs and not once have I not been able to deliver results to the high standard my clients expect. If you’re still worried, please feel free to call or email so we can have a chat about your options, but let me assure you- it’s possible :)


No dramas! There’s no additional fee’s for extra dogs as long as they’re all from under your roof. Family is family and I believe the more the merrier!