The best 25+ images will be processed and ready to be shared with you at your in-person ordering appointment 24-48 hours after your photoshoot. 
This is when you decide which products best suit you, place your order and either make payment in full or set up a flexible payment plan

Pet Photography by Bitsa Bernard in Adelaide



Two desk prints
One small un-framed wall print

+PLUS the images you order as social media files

Total value $990 - Save $240


GIVE ME MORE - $1250

Two desk prints
One small un-framed wall print
A mini- album with your favourite 15 images OR Your favourite 6 images as printable digital files

+PLUS a digital app with your favourite 15 images

Total value $1940 - Save $690

HAVE IT ALL - $1950

Two gift prints
One wall canvas
A deluxe album  OR Your complete gallery as printable digital files

+ PLUS  your entire gallery as social media files

Total value $3000 - Save over $1000



Gift Prints

Gift, Desk and Unframed Wall Prints

Impeccably matted and mounted, but unframed, small fine art photographs are the perfect gift for family and friends, or simply to add to your collection. Add character to a small shelf, your bedside table or place on your desk to bring some of home to the office.

Gift Print (5"x7")  - $125
Desk Prints (7"x10")  - $250
Unframed Wall Prints (12"x16")  - $490


canvases by Adelaide Pet photographer Bitsa Bernard

Canvases Wall Art

Your favourite image printed in Queensland with genuine archival inks on the most gorgeous canvas and wrapped around a high quality timber ready to feature on your walls forever and bring a smile to your face each day.

Small (16") - $950
(20") - $1250
(24") - $1500

Bitsa Bernard customised Albums of your Pet Photoshoot


Keepsake Albums

Designed in-house with your favourite photographs, your photo book is printed on the very best, fine art, archival paper and then bound with a photo cover to become the most perfect keepsake of your story.

Mini Album (15 images) - $950
Deluxe Album (unlimited images) - $1500



Digital Files

Your images are available to purchase as  digital files for safe keeping, and for you to print as big as you like, as often as you like.

Printable Digital Files (6 images) - $950
Complete Printable Digital Files (all gallery images- approx. 25) - $1500